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Terms of collection and use of personal information

When visiting the website, our Web servers automatically collect data about the IP-address, from which you switched to, your IP address, browser type and operating system. We view these data as information not which is personal.

Devkeeper uses your IP address to:

  • Diagnosing problems with their own servers.

  • Administer your own website (this data helps to understand which sections of the website are visited most often).

We do not bind IP addresses to personal information. This implies that all visitors to the website are tracked, but with anonymity remaining.

The contact form on the website requires the completion of the fields Name, E-mail, Company name, Phone number, The text of the Request/Question. We store and use this information for further communication with you. We do not transmit information about your E-mail address and Phone number to third parties without your consent.

Let`s talk: +7 495 108 24 13 We are open: Mn-Fr: 9 am-6 pm GMT+3


Desktop applications

Our company offers you software based on innovative IT-solutions. We will perform both native and cross-platform applications, taking into account the multifunctionality and flexibility of the desktop software solutions and custom client-server applications for the specific tasks of the customer's business.

Our experts will develop native desktop applications for Windows, Mac, Linux, cross-platform, using electron. We use proven tools and technologies: wxWidgets, Qt, Win32, WinForms, node.js, C ++, C #, Javascript.

We will create various desktop solutions for your order. Multifunctional Windows desktop applications for all business areas, efficient Mac and Linux solutions, complex business applications, corporate system solutions - our specialists will perform the task of any level of complexity.

The structure of the complete development cycle of the desktop application:

We offer desktop solutions in various fields of activity. We guarantee the execution of projects in the shortest possible time, the optimal price and high quality of the product.

More details in the section Portfolio